STEW is over…

So, this is my debriefing of the events that took place at STEW last week… I took a few days off to calm down from TSA damaging my horn. The hurt my baby :( But back to the positive parts. STEW was one of the greatest musical experiences of my entire life, no joke. IT wasn’t in a way that will make me more technically proficient on tuba immediately, it was bigger than that. The biggest thing that I learned from the week happened to be that music is one of the great connectors of the human race. Every culture has folk songs, chants, musical entertainment or some form of worship music. It’s something that everyone has in common. In the college-age tuba community, which is very small and sparse, there is even more that just a commonality. It is a family. I stayed with 27 strangers in a strange place for a week and got to know all of them. Immediately, there was the vibe that everyone would gel. Despite the variety of personalities, everyone was brought together by the thing we all have in common: music. We had this family for 6 days. A family we could rely on for companionship, for a designated driver, for deep musical discussions. It was the coolest thing… STEW makes me want to share my music with everyone even more, I feel reinvigorated, inspired, and ready to put forth the effort to do so. Thanks to everyone at STEW for an amazing week, and I will be seeing you at the next tuba workshop! 

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  • 2 years ago